Geno is a Construction Expert

An Experienced Professional Who Has Achieved Over Four Decades Of Success In Guiding Aviation and Construction Initiatives For Rapidly Expanding Organizations

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Experienced Construction Expert With A Fierce Commitment Spanning Over Four Decades

Geno excels in managing aviation projects, educational facilities, retail spaces, healthcare institutions, Single Family Homes, and commercial properties. He has a proven track record of effectively utilizing business strategies to drive optimal operational outcomes. Additionally, Geno is fluent in both English and Spanish.

P.S. Trusted Advisors Core Values


Geno has only the highest regard as well as lofty esteem for his clients


Honesty is Geno’s main policy along with true transparency with clients


Geno prefers to be proactive in order to provide the best Customer Experience.


Geno provides expert advice with a promise to achieve the highest levels of quality

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“If you think hiring a professional is expensive then try to hire an amateur. “
– Red Adair

Our Services

Owner's Representative

Geno has served as a Trusted Advisor to project and property owners

Owner's Representative

Plans and Specs Constructability Reviews as well as Value Engineering

Corporate Trainer

Geno is authorized by OSHA to teach the OSHA 10 hour and OSHA 30 hour courses and issue completion cards

Corporate Trainer

Geno has trained and coached executives at all levels

Quality Control Expert

Geno uses 40+ years of general contracting to act as a Quality Control Auditor

Quality Control Expert

Write QC plans, inspect properties under construction and or after they are built.

Building Appraiser

Geno has served as a member of a three-member panel for a Hurricane Irma loss

Building Appraiser

When the Adjustment phase reaches an impasse, Owners or Carriers hire Geno to lead the Appraisal Process.


Geno is trained by the Dispute Resolution Board Foundation to act as an Umpire


for Appraisal panels, and to settle disputes.

Expert Witness

Geno can be retained by attoneys to provide expert testimony

Expert Witness

in depositions and/or trials.

Eugenio Jaramillo

Geno has a unique passion for serving others by sharing his 40 plus years of experience in Corporate America. He credits much of his success to his ability to connect with people on a very personal level.

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Our Clients Testimonials

“Eugenio Jaramillo is an impactful keynote speaker. He is able to convey his message in a positive, enthusiastic and concise manner. His programs are thought-provoking and compelling.”


“Eugenio Jaramillo is a thought leader. He brings to the table his vast experience in operations, leadership, and mentoring. Geno’s proven wisdom helps organizations increase their performance.”


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